Kes may refer to:

  • Keş, a village in Azerbaijan
  • Kes (band), a musical ensemble from Trinidad
  • Kes (film), 1969 film directed by Ken Loach
  • Kes (Judaism), a rabbi in the Beta Israel community
  • Willem Kes (1856-1934), Dutch conductor and violinist
  • Kes (Star Trek), a fictional character in Star Trek: Voyager

KES may refer to:

  • Kawabata Evaluation System a measure of the mechanical properties of fabrics
  • Kellom Elementary School, an elementary school in the United States
  • the IATA code for Kelsey Airport, Canada
  • the ISO 4217 code for the Kenyan shilling, the currency of Kenya
  • King Edward's School (disambiguation), the name of over twenty schools in England
  • Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei, a defunct tram company in Oslo, Norway

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List Of Bo' Selecta! Characters - Main Characters - Craig David
... He carries around a plastic kestrel on his wrist named "Kes", as a reference to the film, Kes ... Kes was apparently bought off a man in Huddersfield who had a dog with one leg ... He calls Kes a bastard, often when calling her to return ...
Kes (band)
... KES the Band is a Trinidadian soca band formed in 2005 by brothers, Kees (lead vocals), Hans (drums) and Jon Dieffenthaller (guitar) and close friend Riad ... Noted for high energy live performances and the soulful voice of lead singer, KES has captured the hearts of many ...
Los Protegidos - Story
... is not the same accountant, but the assistant of a dangerous man nicknamed "El Kes" (Luis Fernando Arango), who is the key man in a huge crime organization on the Colombian Caribbean ... Santiago convinces his father to betray "El Kes" so he can be back to legality, but things get complicated when Santiago's father begins a relationship with El Kes' all life lover "La Bandi" (Ana ... But their hugest fear became true when El Kes escape and now he is looking for them to make them pay for betraying him ...
Before And After (Star Trek: Voyager) - Significance
... In one of Kes's time jumps, The Doctor has chosen the name "Van Gogh." This is the third known instance of The Doctor having chosen a name for himself ... Kes is seen wearing her hair down and it is now more red ... In the episode "Elogium" it was unknown if Kes would be able to procreate again since she decided not to have a baby with Neelix because she was too young ...
Leto Svet - Changed Foreign Lyrics
... The line "Mitäs nyt, kesävalot nyt?" ("What's this now, summer lights now?") is repeated four times ... performance in the semi-final the last line was changed to "kesäpanot nyt" ("summerfucks now"), which can clearly be heard and seen as there is a close-up of one of the performers saying the line ... A Finnish girl rock group Ilona had a hit called "Kesäpano" in 1987 ...