Kersey may refer to:

  • Kersey (cloth), a coarse cloth

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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown - Plot
... Three thugs appear, force her out, and begin to rape her when Paul Kersey appears out of nowhere ... Kersey blocks the exit, where the third mugger pleads for his life ... Kersey promptly shoots JoJo, who falls onto the electrified roof of the bumper-car ride to his death ...
Death Wish (film Series) - Films - Death Wish (1974)
... Paul Kersey is an architect and "bleeding-heart liberal" who served in the Korean War in the medical corps, and he lives in New York City ... One night, when Kersey was injured after another hunt for muggers, he is hospitalized ... him, revealing his willingness to make a deal to throw away Kersey's weapon (recovered by Officer Jackson Reilly) if Kersey will leave New York ...
Death Wish (film Series)
... The films feature Paul Kersey, portrayed by Charles Bronson, as the main character ... Kersey was born in New York City of the early 1920s ... Kersey's father was an English-American who originated from Norman England and his mother comes from Provo, Utah ...
Kersey, Indiana - Geography
... Kersey is located at 41°11′39″N 87°09′23″W / 41.19417°N 87.15639°W / 41.19417 -87.15639 ...
The Beyond (band) - Now
... Andy Gatford (under the moniker Leon Black) and Jim Kersey (now James Kersey) formed lo-fi indie band Leon with Keyboardist Lee Horsley and drummer ... Kersey and Davenport have since been replaced by Paul Whittington (bass) and Frazer M Knight (drums) ...

Famous quotes containing the word kersey:

    Go thou to East, I West.
    We will not say
    There’s any hope, it is so far away.
    —Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore (1823–1896)

    With not one kiss, or a good-bye,
    And the only loveless look the look with which you passed:
    ‘Twas all unlike your great and gracious ways.
    —Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore (1823–1896)

    He had put, within his reach,
    A box of counters and a red-veined stone,
    A piece of glass abraded by the beach,
    And six or seven shells,
    A bottle with bluebells,
    And two French copper coins, ranged there with careful art,
    —Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore (1823–1896)