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CPU Modes - Mode Types
... The unrestricted mode is often called kernel mode, but many other designations exist (master mode, supervisor mode, privileged mode, supervisor state, etc.) ... Restricted modes are usually referred to as user modes, but are also known by many other names (slave mode, problem state, etc.) ... In kernel mode, the CPU may perform any operation allowed by its architecture any instruction may be executed, any I/O operation initiated, any area of ...
Microsoft Windows Library Files - Internal Components - Hal.dll
... The HAL is loaded into kernel address space and runs in kernel mode, so routines in the HAL cannot be called directly by applications, and no user mode ... Instead the HAL provides services primarily to the Windows executive and kernel and to kernel mode device drivers ... Kernel mode device drivers for devices on buses such as PCI and PCI Express directly call routines in the HAL to access I/O ports and registers of their devices ...
Windows NT Architecture - Kernel Mode - Hardware Abstraction Layer
... differences in hardware and therefore provide a consistent platform on which the kernel is run ... the architecture, the HAL isn't a layer that sits entirely below the kernel, the way the kernel sits below the Executive all known HAL implementations depend in some measure on the kernel, or even ... In practice, this means that kernel and HAL variants come in matching sets that are specifically engineered to work together ...
Amd64 - Operating System Compatibility and Characteristics - Windows
... Windows for x64 has the following characteristics 8 TB of "user mode" virtual address space per process ... This is a 4096-fold increase over the default 2 GB user-mode virtual address space offered by 32-bit Windows. 8 TB of kernel mode virtual address space for the operating system ...
Process Management (computing) - Requesting System Services
... There are two techniques by which a program executing in user mode can request the kernel's services System call Message passing Operating systems are designed with one or the ... the stub, it executes the trap instruction, which switches the CPU to kernel mode, and then branches (indirectly through an OS table), to the entry ... the function completes, it switches the processor to user mode and then returns control to the user process thus simulating a normal procedure return ...

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