Kenji may refer to:

  • Kenji (era), a Japanese era spanned from 1275 to 1278
  • Kenji (manga) (拳児), a 1980s manga by Matsuda Ryuchi
  • "Kenji" (song), a song on Fort Minor's 2005 album The Rising Tied
  • Gyakuten Kenji or Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, a 2009 adventure video game
  • Gyakuten Kenji 2, a 2011 adventure video game
  • Kenji, a character found in the visual novel Katawa Shoujo

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... Daimanazuru Kenji (born January 16, 1977 as Kenji Omae) is a former sumo wrestler from Kawakami, Yoshino District, Nara, Japan ...
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... October 11, 2005 When Kenji Tomosaka moved to a new coastal town, many years ago, he met a girl on the beach who is playing with some hermit crabs ... She runs away crying after Kenji puts a crab on her head ... In the present time Kenji wakes up after a strange dream then heads over to wake up Nanami Konoe ...
List Of Combo Rangers Characters - Other Characters - Mr. Ozora
... Ozora is Kenji's father ... together, it seems that they haven't a close relationship Ozora can't even remember Kenji's birthday ... When he was kidnapped by Cabeça-Grávida, Kenji soon was on the way to rescue him, transformed into the blue ranger (even though Ozora didn't know that his son was the blue ranger) ...