Kendo - Equipment and Clothing

Equipment and Clothing

Kendo is practiced wearing a traditional Japanese style of clothing, protective armour (防具, bōgu?) and using one or, less commonly, two shinai (竹刀?).

  • A shinai.

  • Men

  • Tare

  • Kote

  • Armour and clothing components

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    In the very midst of the crowd about this wreck, there were men with carts busily collecting the seaweed which the storm had cast up, and conveying it beyond the reach of the tide, though they were often obliged to separate fragments of clothing from it, and they might at any moment have found a human body under it. Drown who might, they did not forget that this weed was a valuable manure. This shipwreck had not produced a visible vibration in the fabric of society.
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