Kazakh may refer to:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhs, an ethnic group
  • The Kazakh Khanate
  • Kazakh language
  • Kazakh cuisine
  • Qazakh Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Qazax, Azerbaijan
  • Kazakh Uyezd, administrative district of Elisabethpol Governorate during Russian rule in Azerbaijan

Other articles related to "kazakh":

Little Jüz - Constituent Tribes
... Alimuly (Kazakh Әлімұлы) Bayuly (Kazakh Байұлы) Jetiru (Kazakh Жетіру) Kishi Juz is divided into three group of tribes ...
Sarsen Amanzholov
... Sarsen Amanzholovich Amanzholov (Kazakh Сәрсен Аманжолұлы Аманжолов Russian Сарсен Аманжолович Аманжолов on December 27, 1903 ... He cultivated the foundations of Kazakh grammar for all levels of education, and helped create the current Cyrillic Kazakh alphabet ... He also helped to create Russian-Kazakh military and agricultural dictionaries ...
Sultanmahmut Toraygirov
... Sultanmahmut Toraygirov (Kazakh Сұлтанмахмұт Торайғыров, 29 October 1893 − 21 May 1920) was a prominent Kazakh writer and poet ... From 1913 on, he was the sub-editor for the first Kazakh journal Aikap ... Kamar, released posthumously in 1933, was one of the first Kazakh language novels ...
Canada–Kazakhstan Relations - Political
... On March 31, 2009, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Canada's ex-prime minister Jean Chrétien to discuss deepening mutual relations ... During the talks with Kazakh President we discussed cooperation in various spheres ... Also in 2009, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov met with Canadian Senator Consiglio Di Nino ...