Karakhanid State

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Kara-Khanid Khanate - Downfall
... Muhammad then formed an alliance with the Western Karakhanid ruler Uthman (who later married Muhammad's daughter) against the Kara-Khitans ... He demanded the submission of all leading Karakhanids, and finally extinguished the Western Karakhanid state ... Earlier that same year the last of the Karakhanids in the Eastern Karakhanid state was killed in a revolt in Kashgar, putting an end to Eastern Karakhanid ...
Kara-Khanid Khanate - Conquest of Transoxiana
... At the final decade of the tenth century, the Karakhanids began a struggle against the Samanids for control of Transoxiana, with first a campaign led by d ... Between 990-992, the Karakhanids took Isfijab, Ferghana, Ilaq, Samarkand, and the Samanid capital Bukhara ... between the Ghaznavids, who gained Khorasan and Afghanistan, and the Karakhanids, who received Transoxiana the Oxus River thus became the boundary between the two rival empires ...

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