Kam is one of the Five Evils in the teachings of Sikhism.

Kam or KAM may also refer to:

  • Anat Kam (or Anat Kamm), (born 1987), Israeli journalist
  • Kam people, a Nuristani tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Kam (rapper) (born 1971)
  • Kam-Tai, a proposed primary branch of the Tai–Kadai language family
  • Kam Heskin (born 1973), American actress
  • Kam language, a Tai–Kadai language of China or an Adamawa language of Nigeria
  • The forerunner to KHAD, the secret police of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Kolmogorov–Arnold–Moser theorem
  • Knowledge Assessment Methodology, an interactive benchmarking tool created by the World Bank's Knowledge for Development Program to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in making the transition to the knowledge-based economy.
  • Kam (music equipment brand), A British brand of DJ equipment, music equipment & lighting.

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