Kagame may refer to:

  • Paul Kagame (b. 1957), President of Rwanda
  • Alexis Kagame (1912-1981), Rwandan historian
  • Jeannette Kagame (b. 1961), First Lady of Rwanda
  • Kagame Inter-Club Cup, a football club competition also known as the CECAFA Club Cup
    • 2008 Kagame Inter-Club Cup
    • 2009 Kagame Inter-Club Cup

Other articles related to "kagame":

Kagame Inter-Club Cup
... It has been known as the Kagame Interclub Cup since 2002, when Rwanda President Paul Kagame began sponsoring the competition ...
Juvénal Habyarimana - Assassination
... the Hutu Power media claimed the plane had been shot down on orders from RPF leader Paul Kagame ... had been conducted in 2006 it concluded that Kagame was responsible for the killing and demanded that he be prosecuted ... The response from Kagame, who has since become the president of Rwanda, was that the French were only trying to cover up their own part in the genocide that ...
Pasteur Bizimungu - Presidency
... The RPF leader, Tutsi Paul Kagame, was chosen vice-president, and Bizimungu was chosen President so that the majority Hutus would still be highly represented in the ... administration, many believed that Kagame had true control of the government ... Bizimingu soon found himself in conflict with Kagame over what Bizimingu argued was unjustified repression of dissent ...
Rose Kabuye - Chief of State Protocol Under President Kagame
... of State Protocol under Rwandan President Paul Kagame ... She accompanied President Kagame on his visits to the United Nations General Assembly in New York ...