Judy Zebra Knight (born Judith Darlene Hampton on March 16, 1946, in Roswell, New Mexico), usually known as JZ Knight, is an American mystic teacher and author, and is known for claiming to be channel of a spiritual entity named Ramtha.

Knight has appeared on US TV shows, such as Larry King, MSNBC and The Merv Griffin Show, to offer spiritual insight and inspiration, as well as media such as Psychology Today. Her teachings have attracted figures from the entertainment and political world such as Linda Evans and Shirley MacLaine.

Knight claims to bridge ancient wisdom and the power of consciousness together with the latest discoveries in science. Some of the ideas are similar to those of Shirley MacLaine, which have in turn been criticized for being "kindergarten metaphysics" by mathematician and skeptic Martin Gardner. Ramtha's teachings have further been criticised by scientists and skeptics around the world (see Controversy and Criticism below).

Knight lives in a 12,800-square-foot (1,190 m2) French chateau-style home and, next door, teaches courses and runs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

Knight has been married six times (five of which ended with divorce) and is the mother of two children from her first marriage (Brandy and Christopher), which was ended in divorce due to her husband's alleged alcoholism and infidelity.

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