Juggling Notation

Juggling notation is the written depiction of concepts and practices in juggling. Toss juggling patterns have a reputation for being "easier done than said" – while it might be easy to learn a given maneuver and demonstrate it for others, it is often much harder to communicate the idea accurately using speech or plain text. To circumvent this problem, various numeric or diagram-based notation systems have been developed to facilitate communication of patterns or tricks between jugglers, as well the investigation and discovery of new patterns.

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... In the juggling notation system Beatmap, tilde can be added to either "hand" in a pair of fields to say "cross the arms with this hand on top" ...
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... Tiemann in 1985, siteswap is by far the most common juggling notation ... "Multiplex", in the world of juggling, means "more than one ball is in the hand at the time of the throw" ... many computer programs capable of animating juggling patterns entered in siteswap notation ...

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