Judean Hills

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Battle Of Jerusalem (1917) - Battle - Ottoman Counterattacks
... were ordered to take over responsibility for front line operations in the Judean Hills against the defending Ottoman Seventh Army ... Counterattacks were launched by the Ottoman 16th and 19th Divisions in the Judean Hills on Nebi Samweil and on the Zeitun plateau ... via a gap between the British forces on the maritime plain and those in the Judean Hills and also against several British units spread out on the maritime plain ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Jerusalem Campaign November–December 1917 - Advance To Jaffa and Judean Hills
6/7 November strong Ottoman rearguards at Tel el Khuweilfe in the Judean Hills, at Hareira and Sheria on the plain and at Sausage Ridge and Gaza on the Mediterranean coast held the Egyptian ... retire across the Nahr el Auja while their 7th Army withdrew into the Judean Hills to defend Jerusalem ...
Battle Of Jerusalem (1917) - Background
... This corps held the city while the XX Corps retreated from Junction Station into the Judean Hills towards Jerusalem ... Allenby was aware of the lack of accurate maps of the Judean Hills and that the history of previous campaigns in the region gave clear warnings against hasty or lightly ... situation and decided a force large enough to attack into the Judean Hills and another separate force to operate on the maritime plain could be maintained far from base ...
Battle Of Mughar Ridge - Aftermath - 15–16 November 1917
... and in the days following the Ottoman Seventh Army fell back into the Judean Hills towards Jerusalem while the Eighth Army retreated north of Jaffa across the Nahr el Auja ... Mounted Division advanced towards Latron where the Jaffa to Jerusalem road enters the Judean Hills, while the Anzac Mounted Division occupied Ramleh and Ludd ... and the Seventh Army retreated into the Judean Hills ...
Battle Of Jerusalem (1917)
... battles were recognised by the British as being fought in the Judean Hills to the north and east of the Hebron–Junction Station line ... opposition from the Ottoman Seventh Army in the Judean Hills and the Eighth Army north of Jaffa on the Mediterranean coast ... north of Jaffa on the maritime plain, across the Judean Hills to Bireh north of Jerusalem, and continued eastwards of the Mount of Olives ...

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