Joint Criminal Enterprise

Joint criminal enterprise (JCE) is a legal doctrine used by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to prosecute political and military leaders for mass war crimes, including genocide, committed during the Yugoslav wars 1991-1999.

This doctrine considers each member of an organized group individually responsible for crimes committed by group within the common plan or purpose. For example, "if three people commit a bank robbery and one fatally shoots a person in the process, the law considers all guilty of murder."

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... were indicted by the ICTY for being part of a joint criminal enterprise which included mass war crimes against Bosniaks and other non-Croats during the ... According to the indictment numerous persons participated in this joint criminal enterprise ... persons, substantially contributed to carrying out the enterprise and accomplishing its purpose ...
Joint Criminal Enterprise - Criticism
... Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice, criticized the Joint Criminal Enterprise doctrine ... In Brdjanin, it ruled that "the third category of joint criminal enterprise does not require proof of intent to commit a crime." The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia...has ... He argues thus that "international tribunals have abolished the very thing which criminal trials are supposed to be about ...
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... and Berislav Pušić were all charged with being part of a joint criminal enterprise with a purpose of politically and military subjugating, permanently removing and ethnically cleansing ... case) by the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia), that at a meeting with his closest advisers and a group of Croat nationalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Franjo Tuđman ... to about April 1994 and thereafter, various persons established and participated in a joint criminal enterprise to politically and militarily subjugate, permanently remove and ...
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... Further information International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and List of indictees of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia The International Criminal Tribunal for the ... employee at the ICTY, an investigative team worked on indictments of senior members of the ‘joint criminal enterprise’, including not only Milošević but ... He was found to have participated during this period in a joint criminal enterprise which included Slobodan Milošević, whose aim was to create a unified Serbian state through commission of a widespread and ...

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