Joel Turner (musician)

Joel Turner (musician)

Joel Turner (born 3 March 1987) is an Australian beatboxer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and record producer best known for the Australian hit song "These Kids". As a beatboxer, he is recognised for his raw power, deep bass, and trademark sounds such as his "third voice", cowbell, teeth beats and bass guitar. He was the victor at the World Beatboxing Championships in 2005 and retained the title until 2009.

Turner first appeared at the auditions for the 2003 season of Australian Idol, where he drew attention for his beatbox skills. Although praised but deemed unsuitable for the competition, Turner was nevertheless voted "Most Popular of the Unforgettables" and performed at the 2003 Idol Grand Final at the Sydney Opera House. He was later signed and managed by Idol judge Mark Holden, together with rappers the Modern Day Poets (MDP), consisting of Turner's older brother Tim Turner (aka "DubLT" – left the group in 2005, replaced by Kitchener "KNO" Wesche) and their cousin Chris Turner (sometimes credited as Chris Heiner, aka "C4").

As of 2010, Turner has released two full-length albums and toured extensively. He has also appeared in several television commercials, most famously for Drumstick Loaded icecream.

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