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Houston Automatic Spooling Priority - History
... Each reader/interpreter was "responsible for reading one input job stream" – that is one input device ... on a mainframe, and performed functions such as scheduling, control of job flow, spooling and printing/punching ... HASP had no support for IBM System/360 Operating System Remote Job Entry, 360S-RC-536, but provided roughly equivalent facilities of its own ...
OS/360 And Successors - System/370 and Virtual Memory Operating Systems - OS/VS2 SVS and MVS
... consisted of 3 areas operating system (one instance shared by all jobs) an application area which was unique for each application shared virtual area which was used for various purposes including inter-jo ... workload management, allowing users to define performance targets for high-priority batch jobs ... the performance of the highest-priority jobs ...

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    All mothers need instruction, nurturing, and an understanding mentor after the birth of a baby, but in this age of fast foods, fast tracks, and fast lanes, it doesn’t always happen. While we live in a society that provides recognition for just about every life event—from baptisms to bar mitzvahs, from wedding vows to funeral rites—the entry into parenting seems to be a solo flight, with nothing and no one to mark formally the new mom’s entry into motherhood.
    Sally Placksin (20th century)

    This is just a job like any other job. I do it the best I can. It’s never enough but I do it. When I go home, I don’t take this stuff with me, I leave it outside. But you, the way you carry it around inside, you must like it! Maybe you think that makes you a good cop. The way you’re going you won’t be good to anybody! Not even yourself! Somebody had to tell you. To get anything out of this life, you got to put something in it. From the heart!
    —A.I. (Albert Isaac)