Jinki: Extend

Jinki: Extend (ジンキ・エクステンド?) is a 13-episode mecha anime series that aired on TV Asahi in 2005 as well as a currently running manga series. It takes place in two parts, in Venezuela during 1988 (Jinki), and in Tokyo, Japan in 1991 (Jinki: Extend.) The story revolves around two girls who end up piloting giant humanoid robots called "Jinki" (which translates to "man-machine") and the manipulation behind the scenes that drew them inexorably together in a final battle. The 13th episode was never aired, and is included only in the DVD release. This title was picked up in North America by ADV Films for $91,000, who released the series in three volumes and box set. However, in 2008, the title along with over thirty other ADV titles were transferred to Funimation Entertainment.

In the beginning of 2007, Tunashima Shirou didn't agree with his chief-editor about changing the story's focus on mechas to focus more on the characters, and Jinki: EXTEND's former publisher monthly shōnen manga magazine Comic Blade dropped the series from its pages. The series will continue running on the bimonthly seinen manga magazine Dengeki Moeoh.

It is also notable for being the only anime series to date whose story takes place in Venezuela.

An eroge adaptation, Jinki Extend Re:Vision, was announced for release in 2010.

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