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Jewish Ethnic Groups - Modern Divisions - Genetic Studies of DNA
... displayed by the world's distinctive Jewish populations, both culturally and physically, genetic studies have demonstrated most of these to be genetically ... the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ... have demonstrated substantially less inter-marriage in most of the various Jewish ethnic divisions over the last 3,000 years than in other populations ...
Galut - The Diaspora in Contemporary Jewish Life
... These numbers reflect the "core" Jewish population, defined as being "not inclusive of non-Jewish members of Jewish households, persons of Jewish ancestry who profess ... In general, these populations are shrinking due to low growth rates and high rates of emigration (particularly since the 1960s) ... The Jewish Autonomous Oblast continues to be an Autonomous Oblast of Russia ...
Haplogroup J1 (Y-DNA) - Variants of J-M267 and Origins Discussion - J-P58 - The "YCAII=22-22 and DYS388≥15" Cluster
... was found to be relevant in some well-publicized studies of Jewish and Palestinian populations ... First, it contains the majority of the Jewish "Cohen modal haplotype", found among Jewish populations, but especially in men with surnames related to Cohen ... this particular variant "is absent from two distinct non-Arab Middle Eastern populations, Jews and Muslim Kurds", even though both these populations do have ...
Historical Jewish Population Comparisons - Comparisons - Other Population Estimates
... Total Jewish population in the world, Israel, and the United States from 1850 to 2010 (in thousands) Year Total world Palestine/Israel United States Rest of world % Total world ... due to the difficulty of finding concise population estimates that perfectly match with each year ...

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    The populations of Pwllheli, Criccieth,
    Portmadoc, Borth, Tremadoc, Penrhyndeudraeth,
    Were all assembled. Criccieth’s mayor addressed them
    First in good Welsh and then in fluent English,
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)

    The exile is a singular, whereas refugees tend to be thought of in the mass. Armenian refugees, Jewish refugees, refugees from Franco Spain. But a political leader or artistic figure is an exile. Thomas Mann yesterday, Theodorakis today. Exile is the noble and dignified term, while a refugee is more hapless.... What is implied in these nuances of social standing is the respect we pay to choice. The exile appears to have made a decision, while the refugee is the very image of helplessness.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)