Jewish Messiah Claimants

Jewish Messiah Claimants

The Messiah in Judaism has a number of interpretations, historical and eschatological, including any king chosen by God; a holy king who will lead the Israelites and Proselytes; and someone who will usher in an idyllic age of peace and justice in the World to Come. Some messianic movements later split from Judaism, including the followers of Jesus whose religion became Christianity and some of the followers of Sabbatai Zevi, who became the Dönmeh.

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List of Jewish Messiah Claimants - 21st Century
... Goel Ratzon (1951-), from Tel Aviv, claimed to have supernatural healing powers and reportedly lived with 32 women who believed he was the Messiah ... He also fathered 89 children, who were all given names that were variants of his own, but was arrested in 2010 on suspicions that he was abusing his "wives" and children ...
List Of Messiah Claimants - Jewish Messiah Claimants
... In Judaism, "messiah" originally meant a divinely appointed king, such as David, Cyrus the Great or Alexander the Great ... after the failure of the Hasmonean Kingdom (37 BC) and the Jewish–Roman wars (AD 66-135), the figure of the Jewish Messiah was one who would deliver the Jews from oppression and usher in an Olam Haba ("world. 5 BCE – 30 CE), leader of a small Jewish sect who was crucified Jews who believed him to be the Messiah were the first Christians, also known as Jewish Christians ...

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    I think the Messianic concept, which is the Jewish offering to mankind, is a great victory. What does it mean? It means that history has a sense, a meaning, a direction; it goes somewhere, and necessarily in a good direction—the Messiah.
    Elie Wiesel (b. 1928)

    If another Messiah was born he could hardly do so much good as the printing-press.
    —G.C. (Georg Christoph)