Janez Drnovšek - Books By Drnovšek

Books By Drnovšek

  • Pogovori (Conversations). Mladinska knjiga, 2007 COBISS 233261568
  • Bistvo sveta (Essence of the world). Mladinska knjiga, 2006 COBISS 229734912
  • Misli o življenju in zavedanju (Thoughts on life and awareness). Mladinska knjiga, 2006 COBISS 226607872
  • Escape from Hell (published as e-book).
  • El laberinto de los Balcanes. Edicciones B, 1999. COBISS 104335360
  • Moja resnica : Jugoslavija 1989 - Slovenija 1991 (My truth). Mladinska knjiga, 1996.

COBISS 58078720

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