IWA World Tag Team Championship (WCW Australia)

IWA World Tag Team Championship (WCW Australia)

The IWA World Tag Team Championship was the top tag team professional wrestling title in the Australian World Championship Wrestling promotion from 1966 through 1971.

Although a part of WCW, the championship carried the IWA initials, for the International Wrestling Alliance, WCW's sanctioning body for its championships.

WCW joined the National Wrestling Alliance in August 1969, but still recognized this title as its world title. In 1971, the title was abandoned and the NWA Austra-Asian Tag Team Championship was established as WCW's new top tag team title.

37 different teams held the championship, combining for 50 individual title reigns.

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IWA World Tag Team Championship (WCW Australia) - Title History
... Wrestlers Times Date Location Notes Larry Hennig and Harley Race 1 June 1966 Dominic DeNucci and Mark Lewin 1 ... July 1966 Sydney,New South Wales ... Lars Anderson and Dick Murdoch 1 October 1969 Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy 5 5 December 1969 Sydney,New South Wales Spiros Arion and Mario Milano 1 19 December ... Fuji and Tiger Jeet Singh 1 May 1971 King Curtis Iaukea and Mark Lewin 2 June 1971 Karl and Kurt Von Steiger 3 August 1971 The title was retired in 1971 and replaced with ...

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