Isk or ISK may mean:

  • Icelandic króna, the national currency of Iceland
  • Internationaler Sozialistischer Kampfbund, a now-defunct German socialist party
  • Iso suomen kielioppi
  • the currency in the space MMORPG Eve Online
  • half of any of the Iskoort, a fictional race of aliens from the Animorphs series
  • ISK, also known as the notorious gang "Iwo Street Killas"

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Taxation In Iceland - Income Tax
... Each employee has a personal tax credit of 44,205 ISK per month unused credit may be transferred to one's spouse ... Monthly consideration Rate First 241,475 ISK 37.32% Next 498,033 ISK 40.22% Above 739.510 ISK 46.22% The rate includes 14.44% collected by municipal authorities ...
Bulgarian Conjugation - Non-finite Forms - Verbal Noun
... Third 1st искам /ˈiskəm/ иска- /ˈiskə/ исках /ˈiskəx/ /isˈkax/ исках /ˈiskəx/ искане7 /ˈiskənɛ/5 исканета7 /ˈiskənɛt̪ə/5 искания7 /ˈis ...
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2nd person 3rd person искам /ˈiskəm/ иска- /ˈiskə/ исках /ˈiskəx/ искаше /ˈiskəʃɛ/ искаше /ˈiskəʃɛ/ искахме /ˈiskəxmɛ/ искахте /ˈiskəxt̪ɛ/ искаха /ˈisk ...