Interstellar Clouds

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Trihydrogen Cation - Destruction
... The dominant destruction pathway in dense interstellar clouds is by proton transfer with a neutral collision partner ... + CO → HCO+ + H2 The significant product of this reaction is HCO+, an important molecule for interstellar chemistry ... OH3+ and H2 is no longer exothermic in interstellar clouds ...
High Velocity Clouds - Unexpected Chemicals Detected in Interstellar Clouds
... Until recently the rates of reactions in interstellar clouds were expected to be very slow, with minimal products being produced due to the low temperature and density of ... found indicates that these chemical reactions in interstellar clouds take place faster than suspected, likely in gas-phase reactions unfamiliar to organic chemistry as observed on earth ... Interstellar clouds also provide a medium to study the presence and proportions of metals in space ...
Cosmic Dust - Dust Grain Formation
... The large grains in interstellar space are probably complex, with refractory cores that condensed within stellar outflows topped by layers acquired subsequently during incursions into cold dense interstellar clouds ... of growth and destruction outside of the clouds has been modeled to demonstrate that the cores live much longer than the average lifetime of dust mass ... dust, which accretes cold onto preexisting dust in dark molecular clouds of the galaxy ...

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