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Manual Driving Technique - Internals - Reverse
... the countershaft and one on the output shaft ... Moreover, they are both attached to their shafts neither one rotates freely about the shaft ... For this reason, the output shaft must not be rotating when reverse is selected the car must be stopped ...
Manual Driving Technique - Internals - Shafts
... Like other transmissions, a manual transmission has several shafts with various gears and other components attached to them ... Typically, a rear-wheel-drive transmission has three shafts an input shaft, a countershaft and an output shaft ... In a rear-wheel-drive transmission, the input and output shaft lie along the same line, and may in fact be combined into a single shaft within the transmission ...
Manual Driving Technique - Internals - Design Variations - Shaft and Gear Configuration
... a conventional rear-drive transmission, there are three basic shafts the input, the output, and the countershaft ... The input and output together are called the mainshaft, since they are joined inside the transmission so they appear to be a single shaft, although they rotate totally ... The input length of this shaft is much shorter than the output shaft ...
New Venture Gear 3500 Transmission - Similar Transmissions
... There are two designs for the 5LM60 input shaft and bearings (input shaft and main shaft) ... The updated input shaft and bearings carried through to the NV3500 ... GM S models have a longer tail-shaft than C/K trucks ...

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