INP may stand for:

  • INP (Korea), a Korean chemical company
  • INP (database), an early database system developed at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Integrated National Police, a forerunner of the Philippine National Police
  • Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • Indium phosphide
  • INP Información de negocios y Procesos, a software and web development company in South America

Other articles related to "inp":

Goals of The Illinois Newspaper Project - Microfilm
... The INP used four different vendors for preservation microfilming ... These vendors (and the INP) closely adhered to the preservation microfilming guidelines that were mandated by the USNP and the Library of Congress ... A service copy of all the microfilm created by the INP is available through interlibrary loan at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library ...
RCA 1802 - Code Samples
... WAIT FOR IT 000B 6C INP 4. ... TAKE IT IN AND ECHO 0018 6C INP 4. ... WAIT FOR IT 0022 6C INP 4. ...
Integrated National Police - Development
... services in the 1,500 cities and municipalities into the INP ... Approximately 10 percent of INP personnel staff were fire protection, and prison officials ... The Philippine National Police Academy provided training for INP officer cadets ...
Timeline of The Illinois Newspaper Project - January 2008-June 2009
... INP staff at UIUC completed fieldwork in INP Cataloging Region 3 ... The staff at CHM completed fieldwork in INP Cataloging Region 6, closing their project in April 2009 ... With the completion of fieldwork in INP Cataloging Regions 1-5, the staff at UIUC began the task of re-inventorying the newspaper microfilm collection at the Abraham Lincoln ...