Initial State

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Forward–backward Algorithm - Backward Probabilities
... That is, we now want to assume that we start in a particular state, and we are now interested in the probability of observing all future events from this state ... Since the initial state is assumed as given (i.e ... the prior probability of this state = 100%), we begin with Notice that we are now using a column vector while the forward probabilities used row vectors ...
Finite & Deterministic Discrete Event System Specification - Examples
... And it has two states ``Send`` and ``Wait`` ... make a complete ping-pong match, one players starts as an offender whose initial state is ``Send`` and the other starts as an defender whose initial state is ``Wait`` ... Player A is the initial offender and Player B is the initial defender ...
Quantum Chaos - Semiclassical Methods - Closed Orbit Theory
... the oscillator strength density (observable photo-absorption spectrum) from a specified initial state whereas periodic-orbit theory yields the density of states ... when a tightly bound electron is excited to a high-lying state ... recurrence amplitude of a closed orbit for a given initial state (labeled ) ...
Automatic Calculation Of Particle Interaction Or Decay
... The colliding particles form the Initial State ... exchanged producing possibly different sets of particles, the Final States ... The Initial and Final States of the interaction relate through the so-called scattering matrix (S-matrix) ...
Gibbs Free Energy
... When a system changes from a well-defined initial state to a well-defined final state, the Gibbs free energy ΔG equals the work exchanged by the system with its ... from a given quantity of a certain substance in a given initial state, without increasing its total volume or allowing heat to pass to or from external bodies, except such as at the close of ... The initial state of the body, according to Gibbs, is supposed to be such that "the body can be made to pass from it to states of dissipated energy by reversible processes ...

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    For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
    —Bible: New Testament St. Paul, in Philippians, 4:11.

    Capital is a result of labor, and is used by labor to assist it in further production. Labor is the active and initial force, and labor is therefore the employer of capital.
    Henry George (1839–1897)