Infinite Sequence

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Comparison Of C Sharp And Java - Examples - Fibonacci Sequence
... This example illustrates how the Fibonacci sequence can be implemented using the two languages. 1 public boolean hasNext { return true // infinite sequence } public Integer next { int tmp = a a = b b = a + tmp return tmp } public void remove { throw new ... As the Fibonacci sequence is infinite this method simply returns true (there's always next number) ...
Ulam Number - Infinite Sequence
... For, after the first n numbers in the sequence have already been determined, it is always possible to extend the sequence by one more element Un − 1 + Un is uniquely ...

Famous quotes containing the words sequence and/or infinite:

    Reminiscences, even extensive ones, do not always amount to an autobiography.... For autobiography has to do with time, with sequence and what makes up the continuous flow of life. Here, I am talking of a space, of moments and discontinuities. For even if months and years appear here, it is in the form they have in the moment of recollection. This strange form—it may be called fleeting or eternal—is in neither case the stuff that life is made of.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    The consciousness in each man is a sliding scale, which identifies him now with the First Cause, and now with the flesh of his body; life above life, in infinite degrees.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)