• (noun): The early stage of growth or development.
    Synonyms: babyhood, early childhood
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Miracles Attributed To Jesus - List of Miracles Found Outside The New Testament
... Later, 2nd century texts, called Infancy Gospels, narrate Jesus performing miracles during his childhood ... dead Secret Gospel of Mark 1 Water controlled and purified Infancy Thomas 2.2 Made birds of clay and brought them to life Infancy Thomas 2.3 ...
List Of Gospels - Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha - Infancy Gospels
... Armenian Infancy Gospel Gospel of James Libellus de Nativitate Sanctae Mariae (Gospel of the Nativity of Mary) Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew History of ...
Margravine Auguste Of Baden-Baden - Infancy
... Her mother was a great patron of the arts, making Baden-Baden a centre of architectural culture ... Between the years of her mother's Regency (1707–1727) Sibylle ordered the construction of some four palaces in the state as well as two churches ...
List Of Members Of The House Of Wettin - Albertine Line
... Christopher, 1497, died in infancy B ... Wolfgang, 1499 - 1500, died in infancy D ... Albert of Saxony, 1545 - 1546, died in infancy B ...
Mitochondrial Trifunctional Protein Deficiency - Signs and Symptoms
... Signs and symptoms of mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency may begin during infancy or later in life ... Features that occur during infancy include feeding difficulties, lack of energy (lethargy), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), weak muscle tone (hypotonia), and ... and symptoms of mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency that may begin after infancy include hypotonia, muscle pain, a breakdown of muscle tissue, and a loss ...

More definitions of "infancy":

  • (noun): The earliest state of immaturity.
    Synonyms: babyhood

Famous quotes containing the word infancy:

    The human race is yet in its infancy—no, not infancy; infancy is innocent and sweet—it is in its ugly boyhood, half way between the child and the man—in a state of semi-barbarism.
    Anonymous, U.S. magazine contributor. Herald of Progress (no dates available)