Individual Differences

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Aspects of Child Development - Language - Individual Differences
... Dyslexic children show a range of differences in their language development, from subtle speech impairments to mispronunciationsto word-finding difficulties ...
Mental Imagery in Experimental Psychology
... image has been the fact that people report large individual differences in the vividness of their images ... low and high vividness scores on the VVIQ2 showed any performance differences ... Recent studies have found that individual differences in VVIQ scores can be used to predict changes in a person's brain while visualizing different activities ...
Leona E. Tyler - Academic Career
... A new life began for Leona in a summer course in individual differences at the University of Minnesota with Donald G ... of personal change moved, over time, from individual differences to individuality, and from a psychometric perspective to a systems-ecological view of real-world choices ... the human puzzle of personal change moved, over time, from individual differences to individuality and to a new system of a view of real-world choices ...
Stephen Kosslyn - Work - Individual Differences
... Richard Hackman used brain-based behavioral measures of individual differences to compose effective teams ...

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    Toddlerhood resembles adolescence because of the rapidity of physical growth and because of the impulse to break loose of parental boundaries. At both ages, the struggle for independence exists hand in hand with the often hidden wish to be contained and protected while striving to move forward in the world. How parents and toddlers negotiate their differences sets the stage for their ability to remain partners during childhood and through the rebellions of the teenage years.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)

    That way of life against which my generation rebelled had given us grim courage, fortitude, self-discipline, a sense of individual responsibility, and a capacity for relentless hard work.
    Rose Wilder Lane (1886–1968)