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Article Level Metrics and Altmetrics

Alternative metrics (often on an article-level) are sometimes called altmetrics. Altmetrics include metrics of use such as views or mentionings in social media. For example, the BMJ published as early as in 2004 the number of views for the articles it published – a metric that is somewhat correlated to subsequent citations. In 2008, the Journal of Medical Internet Research started publishing article-level metrics such as views and tweets ("tweetations") – the latter were found to be predictive for highly cited articles, leading the author to propose the "twimpact factor", which is defined as the number of tweets within the first 7 days of publication, as well as the twindex, which is the rank percentile of the twimpact factor of an article compared to similar articles within the same journal. Starting in March 2009, the Public Library of Science also introduced article level metrics on every article in all of their titles.

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