Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. It is used mostly in digital cameras, camera modules and other imaging devices. Early analog sensors were video camera tubes, most currently used are digital charge-coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) active pixel sensors.

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Dust Reduction System - Types of Dust Particles
... There are two main types of dust that can potentially degrade image quality Dust particles that adhere through electric force and dust particles that adhere through intermolecular force ... Most of the contamination to be found on the image sensor surface is caused by dust particles as small as just one micrometre (0.001 mm) adhering to it through electrical charges ... carry a positive static electric charge, while the image sensor is negatively charged, which makes them attract each other ...
Multi-layer CCD
... The term Multi-layer CCD has been used to describe a CCD image sensor that captures true RGB using stacked CCD sensor layers ... (issued 1986), but did not result in a working image sensor ... similar device was under development at Foveon—the Foveon X3 image sensor, which is multi-layered but is not a CCD ...
Active Pixel Sensor - History
... The term active pixel sensor was coined by Tsutomu Nakamura who worked on the Charge Modulation Device active pixel sensor at Olympus, and more broadly defined by Eric Fossum in a 1993 paper ... Image sensor elements with in-pixel amplifiers were described by Noble in 1968, by Chamberlain in 1969, and by Weimer et al ... in 1969, at a time when passive-pixel sensors – that is, pixel sensors without their own amplifiers – were being investigated as a solid-state alternative to vacuum-tube imaging devices ...
Time-of-flight Camera - Components
... Optics A lens gathers the reflected light and images the environment onto the image sensor ... Image sensor This is the heart of the TOF camera ... Driver electronics Both the illumination unit and the image sensor have to be controlled by high speed signals ...
Image Sensor - Companies
... The largest companies that manufacture imaging sensors include the following Agilent Aptina Canesta Canon Dalsa Eastman Kodak ESS Technology Fujifilm MagnaChip ...

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