Ice Resurfacer - Health Effects

Health Effects

It has been noted in "Occupational and Environmental Medicine" that indoor ice-resurfacing can subject people to negative health effects. Indoor ice-resurfacing has resulted in "cases of acute Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide poisoning...resulting from the release of pollutants". Exposure to high concentrations of these gasses can cause "acute and chronic illness". Recommendations that have been made with the aim of improving air quality include: Regular maintenance of ice resurfacers; utilization of pollution control devices (like a catalytic converter); proper ventilation; wider use of electric ice resurfacers instead of fossil-fuelled machines; and keeping close tabs on air quality within the arena.

Most of these recommendations are the responsibility of the ice resurfacer or arena owner. However, the utilization of electric ice resurfacers is a recommendation that can, and has been, taken into consideration by most ice-resurfacer manufacturers. Zamboni has introduced the Model 552 and the Model 560AC ice-resurfacers, both of which are electrically powered. Olympia is another popular manufacturer of ice resurfacers. Olympia machines are used in 5 of the 30 NHL Arenas. The Millennium Cellect is an electrically powered ice-resurfacer that Olympia has introduced. This machine is capable of resurfacing a sheet of ice 20 times on a full charge.

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