Iapetus ( /aɪˈæpɨtəs/) may mean:

  • Iapetus (mythology), a Titan in Greek mythology
  • Iapetus (moon), one of the planet Saturn's moons
  • Iapetus Ocean, an ancient ocean between Laurentia and Baltica
  • Iapetus suture, line of closure of the Iapetus ocean

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Geology Of The North Sea
... The Caledonian (Iapetus) plate cycle saw the formation of the Iapetus suture during the Caledonian orogeny ... The Iapetus suture was a major weakness creating a volcanic fault in the central North Sea during the later Jurassic period ... The Iapetus ocean was replaced with a suture line and mountain range when Laurentia, Baltica and Avalonia continents collided ...
2001: A Space Odyssey (novel) - Iapetus Vs. Japetus
... The name of the Saturnian moon Iapetus is spelled Japetus in the book. 290), author Jerome Agel discusses the point that "Iapetus" is the most common rendering of the name, according to many sources, including the Oxford ...
Iapetus (moon) - Orbit
... The orbit of Iapetus is somewhat unusual ... Because of this distant, inclined orbit, Iapetus is the only large moon from which the rings of Saturn would be clearly visible from the other inner moons, the rings would be edge ... From Iapetus, Saturn would appear to be 1°56' in diameter (four times the size of the Moon viewed from Earth) ...
Iapetus Nunatak
... Iapetus Nunatak (71°36′S 70°15′W / 71.600°S 70.250°W / -71.600 -70.250Coordinates 71°36′S 70°15′W / 71.600°S 70.250°W / -71.600 -70.250) is ... Saturn Glacier (nearby to the east), after Iapetus, one of the satellites of Saturn ...
Discovery One - Background
... her space mission became a one-way spaceflight to Saturn and its moon Iapetus ... After investigating alien artifacts at Saturn and Iapetus, the preliminary plan is for all five members of her crew to enter suspended animation for an indefinite period of time ... would be built so that it would fly from the Earth to Iapetus, rescue the five astronauts, and then make the long voyage home with everyone in hibernation ...