• (adj): Lacking affinity for water; tending to repel and not absorb water; tending not to dissolve in or mix with or be wetted by water.
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Protein Aggregation - Introduction
... This folding process is driven by the hydrophobic effect a tendency for hydrophobic (i.e ... of a protein is typically hydrophilic, whereas the interior is typically hydrophobic ... In this process, exposed hydrophobic portions of the unfolded protein may interact with the exposed hydrophobic patches of other unfolded proteins ...
Steroid Delta-isomerase - Structural Studies
... and well defined, consisting of neutral or apolar amino acids, suggesting the hydrophobic interaction is important for dimerization ... and folds around the substrate in a manner similar to other enzymes with hydrophobic substrates, suggesting this fold is characteristic for binding hydrophobic substrates ... This structure showed that the active site is a deep hydrophobic pit with Asp-38 and Tyr-14 located at the bottom of this pit ...
Clostridium Difficile Toxin B - Function - Pore Formation
... The hydrophobic regions are embedded in the host membrane to form pores that allow glucosyltransferase domains to pass through ... of tryptophan, susceptibility of proteases, and hydrophobic surfaces. 2) makes up approximately 801-1400 amino acids, of which residues 958-1130 are hydrophobic and are responsible for the formation of transmembrane pores ...
Self-cleaning Glass - Self-cleaning Surfaces
... Several techniques are known for the patterning of hydrophobic surfaces through the use of moulded polymers and waxes, by physical processing methods such as ion etching and ... Batch processing a hydrophobic material is a costly and time consuming technique, and the coatings produced are usually hazy, precluding applications on lenses and windows, and fragile materials ...
Cerastocytin - Structural Comparison To Thrombin - Hydrophobic Pocket
... Cerastocytin contains a hydrophobic domain that binds fibrinopeptide A and in the 3-D confirmation looks very similar to the analogous region of alpha-thrombin ... Ile98,Val99, Tyr172, Trp215, which forms the hydrophobic pocket when combined with the 90-loop (Phe90 Val99) ... However, the variation in this sequence within the hydrophobic pocket of cerastocytin suggests that the precise amino acid composition is not relevant to fibrinogen ...

More definitions of "hydrophobic":

  • (adj): Abnormally afraid of water.
    Synonyms: aquaphobic