Hybrid Powertrain

Hybrid Powertrain

Hybrid vehicles are vehicles with two or more power sources in the drivetrain. There are many different types of hybrid vehicles, although only the gasoline-electric hybrid is currently commercially available.

Hybrids are classified by the division of power between sources; both sources may operate in parallel to simultaneously provide acceleration, or they may operate in series with one source exclusively providing the acceleration and the second being used to augment the first's power reserve. The sources can also be used in both series and parallel as needed, the vehicle being primarily driven by one source but the second capable of providing direct additional acceleration if required.

Current hybrids use both an internal combustion (IC) engine and a battery/electric drive system (using ultracapacitors) to improve fuel consumption, emission, and performance. Electrically assisted pedal bicycles are a form of hybrid drive. Other combinations of energy storage and conversion are possible, although not yet in commercial production.

Combustion-electric hybrids have larger battery sets than what a normal combustion engine only vehicle would have. Battery and supercapacitor technology is advancing. A potential advantage is that when these battery sets require renewing in the future, the newer battery sets will be potentially superior having higher energy storage giving greater range enhancing a vehicle.

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