Hunyadi may refer to:

  • Hunyadi family, a Hungarian noble family from the Middle Ages
  • John Hunyadi, a Hungarian general and Regent-Governor of the Kingdom of Hungary
  • Laszlo Hunyadi, a Hungarian statesman
  • Matthias Corvinus (Hunyadi Mátyás or Corvin Mátyás), King of Hungary

Other articles related to "hunyadi":

Battle Of Sibiu - Battle
... The Ottomans won by forces of numbers and Hunyadi was forced to retreat, but Mesid did not pursue Hunyadi ... Hunyadi's army regrouped near Hermannstadt ... Simon Kamonyai swapped his armour for Hunyadi's armour so that the Turks would believe he was Hunyadi ...
Hunyadi László (opera)
... Hunyadi László (László Hunyadi) is an opera in three acts by the Hungarian composer Ferenc Erkel ... Hunyadi László is considered to be the first important Hungarian opera and Erkel's musical style draws on folk influences, particularly the dance known as the verbunkos ...
Ladislaus Hunyadi
... Ladislaus Hunyadi or László Hunyadi (1433 – March 16, 1457) was a Hungarian statesman ... Ladislaus Hunyadi was the elder of the two sons of John Hunyadi, voivode of Transylvania and later regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, and Elizabeth Szilágyi ... He was the older brother of Matthias Hunyadi, who would later became the king of Hungary ...
Battle Of Niš
... of Nissa) (early November, 1443), crusaders led by John Hunyadi, captured Ottoman stronghold Niš and defeated three armies of the Ottoman Empire ... The Battle of Niš was part of Hunyadi's expedition known as the long campaign ... Hunyadi, at the head of the vanguard, crossed the Balkans through the Gate of Trajan, captured Niš, defeated three Turkish pashas, and, after taking Sofia ...