Hungarian People

Hungarian People

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History of Hungary
Prehistory and early history
  • Hungarian prehistory
  • Hungary before the Hungarians
  • Roman Pannonia
  • Hungarian conquest
Middle Ages
Principality 895–1000
Medieval kingdom 1000–1538
Ottoman Wars 1366–1526
Early modern history
Habsburg kingdom 1538–1867
Eastern kingdom 1538–1570
Ottoman Hungary 1541–1699
Principality of Transylvania 1570–1711
Late modern period
Rákóczi's War 1703–1711
Revolution of 1848 1848–1849
Austria-Hungary 1867–1918
Lands of the Crown 1867–1918
World War I 1914–1918
Interwar period 1918–1941
Kingdom of Hungary 1920–1946
World War II 1941–1945
Contemporary history
Republic of Hungary 1946–1949
People's Republic 1949–1989
Revolution of 1956
Republic of Hungary since 1989
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  • Christianity · Military · Music
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Hungarians, also known as MagyarsHungarian: magyar (singular); magyarok (plural)—are a nation and ethnic group who speak Hungarian and are primarily associated with Hungary. There are around 14-15 million Hungarians, of whom 10 million live in today's Hungary (as of 2011). About 2.2 million Hungarians live in areas that were part of the Kingdom of Hungary before the 1918-1920 dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Treaty of Trianon, and are now parts of Hungary's seven neighbouring countries, especially Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine. Significant groups of people with Hungarian ancestry live in various other parts of the world, most of them in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada and Australia. The Hungarians can be classified into several subgroups according to local linguistic and cultural characteristics; subgroups with distinct identities include the Székely, the Csángó, the Palóc, and the Jassic people.

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