How To Make Beautiful Greeting Cards

Famous quotes containing the words cards, beautiful and/or greeting:

    Skill sheets, workbooks, basal reader, flash cards are not enough. To convey meaning you need someone sharing the meaning and flavor of real stories with the student.
    Jim Trelease (20th century)

    O beautiful white land,
    olives and wild anemone and violet
    mingled among the shale,
    and purple wings
    of little winter-butterflies
    say, here Psyche, the soul, lies.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    Half-opening her lips to the frost’s morning sigh, how strangely the rose has smiled on a swift-fleeting day of September!
    How audacious it is to advance in stately manner before the blue-tit fluttering in the shrubs that have long lost their leaves, like a queen with the spring’s greeting on her lips;
    to bloom with steadfast hope that, parted from the cold flower-bed, she may be the last to cling, intoxicated, to a young hostess’s breast.
    Afanasi Fet (1820–1892)