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Prisoner Life

Hillary Heath, the inside producer of Lockup, said that when she asked prisoners to describe Holman, they used names like "The Slaughterhouse," "Slaughter Pen of the South," and "House of Pain," which refer to commonly occurring stabbings. The names "The Bottom" and "The Pit" refer to the prison's location in southern Alabama. A prisoner said that within the state "you can’t get any lower than this."

Prisoners at Holman make "julep," a homegrown whiskey, using water, sugar, and yeast. Hillary Heath, the inside producer of Lockup, said that "julep," brown liquid with dark floating chunks, resembles raw sewage. Heath said that "julep"'s odor "was not as vile as I imagined." According to Heath, it smelled like sourdough bread and prunes.

Prisoners who commit indecent exposure commit rule violation #38, so a "38" refers to a prisoner doing indecent exposure. Prisoners expose themselves to men and women who work and visit the facility. People who do "38" are required to take sex addiction courses.

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