History of The Lands of The Bohemian Crown (Middle Ages)

History Of The Lands Of The Bohemian Crown (Middle Ages)

See also: March of Moravia

While an independent principality, the Czech lands formerly within Great Moravia were sometime vassals of the Holy Roman Empire as the Duchy of Bohemia from the 10th century. The Přemyslid dynasty which had ruled Bohemia since the 9th century remained in power throughout the High Middle Ages, until the extinction of the male line with the death of Wenceslaus III of Bohemia in 1306.

The Duchy of Bohemia was raised to a kingdom under Ottokar I in 1198. In 1310, the Bohemian crown fell to the House of Luxembourg, until the death of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1437. After the Middle Ages, the Kingdom of Bohemia remained under Habsburg rule until the collapse of Austria-Hungary after the First World War.

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History Of The Lands Of The Bohemian Crown (Middle Ages) - Kingdom of Bohemia - 1471–1526 (Jagiellonian Rule)
... Upon the death of the Hussite king,the Bohemian estates elected a Polish prince Ladislaus Jagiellon as king,who negotiated the Peace of Olomouc in 1479 ... In 1490 Vladislav also became king of Hungary,and the Polish Jagellonian line ruled both Bohemia and Hungary ... Bohemia as absentee monarchs their influence in the kingdom was minimal,and effective government fell to the regional nobility ...

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