Hindmarsh may refer to

  • John Hindmarsh, the first Governor of South Australia after whom the following places are named
    • Division of Hindmarsh, an electoral division for the Australian House of Representatives
    • Hindmarsh, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide
    • Hindmarsh Island, an island at the mouth of the Murray River in Australia
      • Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy - an Australian legal and political controversy that involved the clash of Indigenous Australian religious beliefs and the rights of property owners
      • Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission - the legal investigation into the nature of female aboriginal religious myths that existed around Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island
    • Hindmarsh Square, a square in the city of Adelaide
    • Hindmarsh Stadium, a soccer stadium in Adelaide.
  • Nathan Hindmarsh, Australian rugby league player
  • Ian Hindmarsh, Australian rugby league player
  • Robert Hindmarsh, first minister and chief organiser of the New Church (Swedenborgian)
  • Mike Hindmarsh, Major General in the Australian Defence Force
  • Jean Hindmarsh, singer and actress
  • Johnny Hindmarsh 1930s racing-car driver and test pilot

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Mike Hindmarsh - Retirement
... Hindmarsh retired from the Australian Army in later half of 2009 ... Following retirement from the Australian Army, Hindmarsh accepted a position with the United Arab Emirates where he was commissioned in the grade of Major General ... Hindmarsh is currently Special Advisor - National Security and Commander of the Presidential Guard Command which, among other things, performs the UAE's ...
Biological Neuron Model - Biological Abstraction - Hindmarsh-Rose
... Building upon the FitzHugh-Nagumo model, Hindmarsh and Rose proposed in 1984 a model of neuronal activity described by three coupled first order differential equations with r2 = x2 + y2 + z2, and r ≈ 10-2 so ... This makes the Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model very useful, because being still simple, allows a good qualitative description of the many different patterns of the action potential observed in experiments ...
Mike Hindmarsh
... Major General Michael Simon "Mike" Hindmarsh AO DSC CSC was a senior officer in the Australian Army ... Hindmarsh served as Special Operations Commander Australia from 2004 to 2008, and Commander of Australian Forces in the Middle East Area of Operations from March 2008 to January 2009 ...
Hindmarsh Island Bridge Controversy
... The Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy was a 1990s Australian legal and political controversy that involved the clash of Indigenous Australian religious beliefs and property rights ... A proposed bridge to Hindmarsh Island, near Goolwa, South Australia (intended to replace the existing cable ferry and service a proposed marina development) attracted ... The Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission found that "secret women's business" had been fabricated ...