Hindi Languages

The Hindi languages, also known as the Madhya languages and the Central Zone of the Indo-Aryan languages, is a dialect continuum of the Hindi zone spoken across northern India that descend from the Madhya prakrits, and includes the official languages of India and Pakistan, Hindi and Urdu. The coherence of this group depends on the classification being used; here we will consider only Eastern and Western Hindi.

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Hindi-Urdu Outside South Asia - "Hindustani" As A Term For Other Hindi Languages
... used in the sense of "Indian", and may be applied to any of several other Hindi languages ... Fijian Hindustani (also called Fiji Hindi), for example, descends not from Hindustani proper, but from one of the eastern Hindi languages called Awadhi ... Sarnami Hindustani is the third most spoken language in Suriname after Dutch and Sranan Tongo ...
Hindi Languages - Languages - Use in Culturally Non-Hindi Regions in The Subcontinent
... Urdu is the official language of Pakistan ... Although only the native language of 7% of the population, it is nearly universal as a second language ... Bambaiya Hindi, the dialect of the city of Bombay (Mumbai) it is based on Hindustani but heavily influenced by Marathi and Gujarati ...

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