Hiking Boot

Hiking Boot

Hiking boots are footwear specifically designed for the sport of hiking. They are considered the most important hiking gear since their quality and durability can determine a hiker's ability to move farther, faster, and more safely. Hiking boots are constructed to provide comfort for miles of walking over rough terrains, and protect the hiker's feet against water, mud, rocks, and other wilderness obstacles. Most hiking boots are also designed for other outdoor activities such as backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, trail running, hunting, and casual outdoor wear.

Hiking boots support the ankle to avoid twisting but should not restrict the ankle's movement much. They also must be fairly stiff to support the foot. A properly fitted boot and/or friction-reducing patches applied to troublesome areas can ensure protection against blisters and other discomforts associated with long hikes on rugged terrain. Some suggest a leather-lined boot over synthetic lining because it is less likely to cause blisters during a long hike.

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Hiking Boot - Drawbacks
... Most hiking boots are constructed of leather, often with a breathable waterproof lining, such as Gore-Tex ... However, the shoes are not comparable to rubber boots when it comes to being waterproof and drying quickly, making it difficult to cross rivers while keeping the inside of the boot dry ... Although there are rubber lace-up boots designed for hiking purposes, rubber hiking boots are not ideal for extensive use because the feet cannot breathe and sweat ...

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    The westerner, normally, walks to get somewhere that he cannot get in an automobile or on horseback. Hiking for its own sake, for the sheer animal pleasure of good condition and brisk exercise, is not an easy thing for him to comprehend.
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