Highest Qualified Bidder

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History Of ITV - 1993-2002
... Television £17,800,000 CPV-TV £10,100,000 Three East £14,100,000 incumbent highest bidder Anglia (highest bidder) London (weekdays) Thames Television £32,700,000 CPV ... Meridian (highest qualified bidder) South West Television South West (TSW) £16,100,000 Westcountry Broadcasting £7,820,000 Tele West £7,270,000 TSW disqualified for business plan ... Westcountry (highest qualified bidder) Wales and West of England HTV £20,500,000 Merlin £19,400,000 C3WW £18,300,000 C3W £17,800,000 incumbent highest bidder HTV (highest bidder) Yorkshire ...

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    Let a man attain the highest and broadest culture that any American has possessed, then let him die by sea-storm, railroad collision, or other accident, and all America will acquiesce that the best thing has happened to him; that, after the education has gone far, such is the expensiveness of America, that the best use to put a fine person to is to drown him to save his board.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Let’s face it. With the singular exception of breast-feeding, there is nothing about infant care that a mother is innately better qualified to do than a father. Yet we continue to unconsciously perpetuate the myth that men just don’t have what it takes to be true partners in the process.
    Michael K. Meyerhoff (20th century)