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Heat Of Combustion - Heating Value - Lower Heating Value
... The quantity known as lower heating value (LHV) (net calorific value (NCV) or lower calorific value (LCV)) is determined by subtracting the heat of vaporization of ... process is in vapor state at the end of combustion, as opposed to the higher heating value (HHV) (a.k.a ... The above is but one definition of lower heating value adopted by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and uses a reference temperature of 60°F (15.56°C) ...
Heat Of Combustion - Heating Value - Relation Between Heating Values
... The difference between the two heating values depends on the chemical composition of the fuel ... In the case of pure carbon or carbon monoxide, the two heating values are almost identical, the difference being the sensible heat content of carbon ... All in all, the higher heating value of hydrogen is 18.2% above its lower heating value (142 MJ/kg vs ...
Heat Of Combustion - Higher Heating Values of Natural Gases From Various Sources
... The International Energy Agency reports the following typical higher heating values Algeria 42,000 kJ/m³ Bangladesh 36,000 kJ/m³ Canada 38,200 kJ/m ...
4-6-0 - Usage - South Africa - Cape Gauge
... differed from the previous order in having slightly larger boilers with an increased heating surface and higher coal capacity tenders ... These represented a further advance on earlier 6th Class locomotives, with a greater heating surface and a larger grate area ... bogie-wheeled tenders, and their larger heating surfaces and grate areas allowed a higher boiler pressure rating of 180 pounds per square inch (1,240 kilopascals) ...

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