High Times Freedom Fighters

The High Times Freedom Fighters was a marijuana legalization group started by High Times Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager in 1987. The group was famous for marching into marijuana rallies dressed in psychedelic Colonial-style outfits while playing drums. They injected life into what had become a dying legalization movement, forged a new generation of activists, and created a number of events around the country, the largest of which is the Boston Freedom Rally, which drew 100,000 people to Boston Common in the 1990s. The Freedom Fighters published a national newsletter for four years edited by Linda Noel (who also founded the Boston Freedom Rally). The Freedom Fighters also created free kitchens at the summer National Rainbow Family Gatherings, and the winter Regional Gatherings in Ocala, Florida.

In 1990, High Times released the documentary film Let Freedom Ring, detailing the activities of the group. The film was directed by Bob Brandel and featured music by the original Soul Assassins. In 1993, the mailing list was given to the NORML and the organization was disbanded. Members of the group went on to create The Cannabis Action Network and The Green Panthers, among other groups. Even after the group disbanded, High Times continued to name a Freedom Fighter of the Month in every issue of the magazine, as well as an annual Freedom Fighter of the Year, who was always crowned at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

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