High Speed Steel

High speed steel (HSS or HS) is a subset of tool steels, commonly used in tool bits and cutting tools. It is often used in power saw blades and drill bits. It is superior to the older high carbon steel tools used extensively through the 1940s in that it can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness). This property allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel, hence the name high speed steel. At room temperature, in their generally recommended heat treatment, HSS grades generally display high hardness (above HRC60) and a high abrasion resistance (generally linked to tungsten and vanadium content often used in HSS) compared to common carbon and tool steels.

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Hacksaw - Design - Blades
... Early blades were of carbon steel, now termed 'low alloy' blades, and were relatively soft and flexible ... For several decades now, hacksaw blades have used high speed steel for their teeth, giving greatly improved cutting and tooth life ... A softer form of high speed steel blade was also available, which wore well and resisted breakage, but was less stiff and so less accurate for precise sawing ...
Woodturning - Tools
... Turning tools are generally made from three different types of steel, Carbon steel, High speed steel (HSS), and more recently powdered metal ... Comparing the three types, high speed steel tools maintain their edge longer, requiring less frequent sharpening than carbon steel, but not as long as powdered metal tools ... The harder the type of high speed steel used, the longer the edge will maintain sharpness ...
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... The main use of high speed steels continues to be in the manufacture of various cutting tools drills, taps, milling cutters, tool bits, gear cutters, saw blades, etc ... High speed steels also found a market in fine hand tools where their relatively good toughness at high hardness, coupled with high abrasion resistance, made them suitable for low speed applications requiring a ...

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