Henrietta Anne Stuart

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Alternative Successions Of The English Crown - Continuation of The House of Stuart
... deposed James II of England via his youngest sister Henrietta Anne Stuart ... Charles I of England James II of England, third son of Charles I James Francis Edward Stuart, only son of James II Charles Edward Stuart, eldest son of James Francis ... Henry Benedict Stuart, second son of James Francis ...
Persuasion (novel) - Main Characters
... She and her father routinely put their interests ahead of Anne's, regarding her as inconsequential ... Anne Elliot — The second daughter of Sir Walter is highly intelligent and, although accomplished and attractive, is unmarried at 27, having broken off her ... She greatly opposes sister-in-law Henrietta's interest in marrying Charles Hayter, who Mary feels is beneath them ...
Persuasion (novel) - Plot Summary
... Anne Elliot is the overlooked middle daughter of the vain Sir Walter, a spendthrift baronet who is all too conscious of his good looks and rank ... Anne's mother, a loving, intelligent woman whom her second daughter resembles in appearance and temperament, is long dead ... Anne's older sister, Elizabeth, takes after her father, and her younger sister, Mary, is a nervous, fretful woman who has made an unspectacular marriage to Charles Musgrove of ...

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