Hemmental - Leu, Schlatter, Hatt and Mettler Families

Leu, Schlatter, Hatt and Mettler Families

In the year 1483, the name "Schlatter" first appears in Hemmental, followed by those of "Mettler", "Hatt" and "Leu". These families dominated in the area. Today, there are also the four place names, Schlatter, Leuen, Hatten and Mettlerhof reflecting this influence. Three of these family names still prevail in Hemmental; the name Mettler no longer being found here. It is these four names which, in 1951, led to the resolution that a new village coat of arms be introduced - four golden stars on blue and red shield. The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Per saltire Gules and Azure in each a Mullet Or.

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