Hellig Usvart

Hellig Usvart is the debut album by Australian unblack metal band Horde, released in 1994 on Nuclear Blast Records. Upon its release in 1994, the album created a controversy among the black metal fans; death threats were sent to Nuclear Blast demanding the label to drop the album from its catalogue because the album contains Christian, anti-satanic lyrics that counteract the usual black metal thematics at the time. Because of the strong lyrical contradiction, the album was thought to be a parody of the Norwegian black metal movement by magazines such as Morgenbladet in 1995.

The sole member of the band, Jayson Sherlock who used the pseudonym Anonymous, has later stated in interviews that the album was intended to bring "some hope, some light to the bleak black metal subculture." Rowe Productions and Metal Mind Productions have re-issued the album since, as Hellig Usvart achieved a respected landmark status in the Christian metal movement, and it is regarded as the first and most groundbreaking Christian black metal album.

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... He released the album Hellig Usvart under the pseudonym "Anonymous" on Nuclear Blast Records in 1994, followed by a re-release on Rowe Productions ... The title "Hellig Usvart" is Norwegian, a fact which at first led many to believe that Horde originated in Norway, a theory backed up by the grim production quality ... Upon the initial release of Hellig Usvart, a publicity campaign was launched throughout the black metal community, revolving around Sherlock being ...
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... Musically, Hellig Usvart features a musical output similar to the early 1990s Norwegian primitive, lo-fi, old school black metal music ... Lyrically, Hellig Usvart features indirect praise for God, and is known for its anti-satanic approach, as implied by the song titles ... However, in 2004 the Australian label Soundmass re-issued Hellig Usvart as an 10 year anniversary edition ...