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History Of Molecular Biology - History of RNA Tertiary Structure - Pre-history: The Helical Structure of RNA
... by the 2`OH group of ribose would preclude RNA from adopting a double helical structure identical to the model they proposed - what we now know as B-form DNA ... This provoked questions about the three dimensional structure of RNA could this molecule form some type of helical structure, and if so, how? As with DNA, early ... the most readily interpretable fiber diffraction patterns yet obtained, suggesting an ordered, helical structure for cognate, double stranded RNA that ...
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... The two polarizing filters are the outer layers in this structure ... orientation on the other, giving the molecules a twisted, helical structure ... the first filter will be rotated (in terms of polarity) by the twisted molecule structure, which allows the light to pass through the second filter ...
Maurice Wilkins - DNA
... sample from Signer had a regular, crystal-like structure in these threads ... mathematics that make possible a general theory of how helical structures diffract x-rays ... DNA in cells as well as purified DNA had a helical structure ...

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    Why does philosophy use concepts and why does faith use symbols if both try to express the same ultimate? The answer, of course, is that the relation to the ultimate is not the same in each case. The philosophical relation is in principle a detached description of the basic structure in which the ultimate manifests itself. The relation of faith is in principle an involved expression of concern about the meaning of the ultimate for the faithful.
    Paul Tillich (1886–1965)